Becoming a Smarter Utility and a Proactive Communicator

For utility customer satisfaction, communication and control are key. Providing customers with information before they call with questions, or to report an outage, results in efficiency and cost-savings. At DNI, our team of communication specialists builds a stronger, comprehensive strategy for customer communications. By offering print & electronic forms of communication for bills and notices, your customers have greater flexibility to make payments and receive updates. “The utility industry has moved past the era where customers called to report an outage,” said John Hazen, senior director of the utility practice at J.D. Power. The expectation today is for the utility to make that call. “Even from an outage perspective, we have reams of data that shows, ‘if I don’t get any info, my satisfaction is low. If I get outage info by calling the utility, it’s even lower,'” he said. “The more you push information, the less folks have to call you.” When asked what they’d like from their utility company, the top three consumer responses were:

  • in-home smart energy products

  • easier-to-understand bills

  • internet service

Studies found that consumers expect utilities to focus on safe, reliable power and to collaborate with leaders in other industries for improved solutions. Consumers are looking for new features, such as phone apps plus faster and smarter ways to pay bills and connect. As a communications leader, our team at DNI is excited about our partnerships and solutions within the utility industry. By focusing on customer satisfaction, communication, and control of the consumer relationship, we truly transform the art of delivery. Contact us to find out how DNI can streamline and enhance your customer communications.

Utilities Customer Satisfaction