Direct Mail Still Matters

At DNI, we focus on the art of delivery. While digital marketing communication has certainly gained popularity over the years, direct mail has many benefits that cannot be matched by an online version. Research shows that while direct mail distribution has declined, response rates have seen an increase. According to the DMA, direct mail has a higher response rate of up to 5 percent vs. a high of .9 percent in digital. Direct mail is more personal, tangible, and has great reach. You may be surprised to know that a 2016 study from InfoTrends found that millennials are the most likely generation to read direct mail. Additionally, a large number (about half) of millennials ignore digital advertising and find print advertising to be more formal and trustworthy. Studies show that 90% of people ages 25-34 find direct mail reliable, and 87% like receiving it. In a digital age, print still has value. It offers more chances of engagement, creating a stronger emotional response and a higher retention of content. Direct mail has proved to provide better ROI, giving businesses a 13 to 1 return on investment as per the DMA. It is relatively inexpensive with the potential for higher influence and visibility than other forms of marketing. According to the USPS, 98 percent of people check their mail. Choosing DNI for your direct mail needs means quick turnaround, high-quality printing, great attention to detail, and personal attention to your account. It also means a quick conversion to digital communication when desired. We’ll help you reach your customer. Trust DNI to handle all your direct mail needs from printing to fulfillment.

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