DNI Adds the Canon varioPRINT iX3200 Sheetfed Inkjet Press to Complete Full Omni-channel Offering

Robert Cook, President and COO of DNI

11.16.22 – “The math is easy,” said Robert Cook, President and COO of DNI, when asked about his recent purchase of the Canon varioPRINT iX sheetfed production inkjet press. “After we calculated the ROI on adding the Canon varioPRINT iX to our floor and considered the advantages it brings to our customers, it was an easy purchase decision.”

DNI, headquartered in an 80,000 sq. ft. facility in Nashville, TN, opened its doors in 1984 and provides omni-channel critical customer communications, transactional, trans promo mail, targeted direct mail, and fulfillment solutions to over 2,000 customers across a wide array of industries including insurance, healthcare, utilities, transportation, and the public sector.

DNI assists their customers in the full buying lifecycle, from customer acquisition to electronic presentment for online bill pay and everything in between. In addition, they offer full omni-channel marketing to enhance campaign results through their unique DNI360 Engage program. DNI360 triggers complementary social media and email marketing to high-impact targeted print for a full omni-channel campaign experience. “The target audience sees the same message in multiple channels before, during, and after the printed piece is received, and remarketing ads are triggered to those that engage. We then track the mail and confirm delivery down to the individual and provide a dashboard so our customer can see the results,” Robert explained.

When calculating ROI for the Canon varioPRINT iX, Robert advised, “First and foremost, start with the end in mind. You have to consider who you are getting into business with before you buy anything. How are they going to support you now and in the future? This is what I know and appreciate about Canon Solutions America; they are future forward. I’ve been in a few of their product briefings, their product roadmap is well ahead of the industry, and their plan is for upgrades that aren’t disruptive to business, not forklift upgrades. In addition, Canon Solutions America wants their customers to be successful with inkjet and that is very clear from the programs they offer. The Canon Solutions America inkjet user group, thINK, has tools, training and resource programs including Project 360, which we are participating in soon and are very excited about,” Robert said.

“The ROI starts to build pretty rapidly,” Robert explains. “The first thing we did after installation was move offset work that we were outsourcing to the varioPRINT iX. With addressing as part of the print workflow and an inline Tecnau cutter, we reduced our turnaround time from 15 days to two days. This delighted our customers, and it certainly delighted us.”